Crowdnetic Announces Lendvious, a Marketplace For Peer Finance Borrowers and Investors

NEW YORK, May 5th, 2014 -- Today Crowdnetic introduced Lendvious, an unbiased and comprehensive marketplace for peer finance borrowers and investors. Lendvious provides the powerful tools and detailed information needed to make informed peer finance decisions.

With Lendvious, Crowdnetic leverages its past success in equity crowdfunding infrastructure to provide peer-lending investors and borrowers with a positive and consistent experience across funding portals by providing greater transparency and sophisticated analysis tools. Given that we do not represent any individual platform, our users can be confident they are receiving an unbiased perspective of investment and financing options. We have also developed tools for the entire spectrum of investors. Novice peer-lending investors can use SnapInvest to automate their allocations to say, just the most conservative loans, while sophisticated investors can use our cash flow analyzer to test their own proprietary analytics on hypothetical portfolios to examine loss-adjusted cash flow projections.

The disruptive technology of crowdfinance is supplanting the outdated model of conventional banking and opening new avenues for consumers and entrepreneurs. The crowdfunding industry is already growing rapidly to include specialized lending such as auto finance, real estate, student loans and even receivables financing. Lendvious will partner with these innovators to continue to democratize capital and provide an ecosystem for growth.

“Our goal is to grow awareness and foster a structured environment for the burgeoning crowdfunding industry. At Crowdnetic, we strive for long term partnerships with investors, borrowers, entrepreneurs and financing portals,” said Luan Cox, Founder and CEO, Crowdnetic. “We want to be there throughout the customer’s life cycle. As an example, we can help a budding entrepreneur get the startup capital to launch their idea. As that business grows, they may need equity capital and can come back to our community to learn about avenues such as AngelList, EquityNet or WeFunder.”

Whether you are a borrower or investor, come to Lendvious to get the tools you need to make the best decision:
• Borrowers can compare rates and funding terms available across peer-lending platforms and leverage our data to educate themselves before applying for a loan.
• Investors can use our sophisticated tools to customize their investment process from full automation to targeted investments.
• Access to a like-minded community where you can ask questions and exchange ideas related to Peer Finance.
• An unbiased source of information to support better decision- making.

About Crowdnetic

Crowdnetic is a leading provider of technology and market data solutions to the crowdfunded securities and peer-lending industry. Simply put, we provide transparency for the global crowdfinance marketplace. Crowdnetic owns and operates,, and is a co-producer of the premier peer-lending conference, LendIt, the largest and most recognized conference in the marketplace-lending industry. Learn more at and connect with us on, and

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